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Are you looking to host a high-quality and unique event? Zita Bombardier offers a collection of tailor-made musical events.

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Petit déjeuner continental

Opera, Croissants, Mocha

Come and enjoy some pastries, tea and coffee

while savoring the magnificent

French melodies and operas. A beautiful

way to start the day smoothly and with music.

Musicians: 1 pianist and 1 or 2 singers (can add a violinist)

Immersive Carmen

(Flamenco - Opera)

Enter Carmen's universe for the span of 60 minutes and let yourself be transported to Seville, to the cigar factory, to the Lilas Pastia Tavern, to the gypsy camp… Watch the flamenco dancer and singers twirl around you as you they tell you the tragic story of la Carmencita.

Musicians: 1 pianist, 5 singers, 1 guitarist (optional), and 1 flamenco dancer

Garçon de café avec Champagne Pyramide

Soirée Champagne

Get a chance to taste champagnes and fine cheeses with experts; Information and tastings interspersed with opera to keep participants entertained while they savor local products. The singers mingle among the guests.


Musicians: 1 pianist and 2 singers


Concept developed in collaboration with the very awarded Fromagerie du Presbytère  in Ste-Elizabeth-de-Warwick

French Poetry - Oh oui!

Composers have always been inspired by French poets to create their melodies. Verlaine, Rimbaud, Hugo… Our specialist will reveal little secrets about the life and works of these artists while our singer will perform some of the texts set to music by Berlioz, Hahn, Fauré…

Musicians: 1 pianist and 1 singer, 1 narrator

Plusieurs livres ouverts
Décorations de Noël

Ye Old Christmas

Our a cappella quartet will transport you to the past, interpreting Christmas carols from the repertoire of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. Magnificent vocal harmonies, four well-established local opera singers… What could be better to get you in the spirit of the holiday season?

Musicians: 4 singers

Pair the activity with an exhibition by local artists to please both eyes and ears

Themed Evenings

Dancers, singers and musicians perform for you works that meet a previously established criterion; the artists receive the mandate to present a work falling within the theme of the evening, for example the 4 elements, love, war, etc.


Artists: according to your budget. Minimum 5


Stabat mater -Pergolese

Are you looking for a special activity to celebrate spring and Easter? One of the most beautiful works from the chamber music repertoire will enchant you with the beauty of the harmonies and its arrangements.


Musicians: 2 singers, string quartet, 1 pianist

Brahms : A Little, a Lot, Passionately

The rich and passionate universe of Brahms comes to life under the fingers (and the voices!) of our three artists who immerse you in the well-known and lesser-known repertoire of this prolific romantic composer.


Musicians: 1 singer, 1 pianist and 1 violist

clés de piano

Debussy and me

Spend a memorable evening in the company of Debussy as our artists transport you in a magical and dreamlike world thanks to the medium of dance and song. An exceptional repertoire that will allow you to completely disconnect from the real world.


Artist: 1 pianist, 1 singer and 1 dancer

Fashion x Exhibition = <3

Models will present art and fashion collections while our diva will sing and seduce you. Weird and unique choreographies, art by local artists, classics from the world of opera… All in order to create a completely crazy and unique evening!

Musicians: 1 singer and 1 pianist (violinist optional)


Larger-scale project with local designer and models / dancers (from 5 to 10)

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