By Zita Bombardier

Zita Bombardier will keep surprising you with the creation and production of high-quality and out-of-the-box musical shows. Here are some of her latest productions.


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Featuring three local singers who have proven their worth on several provincial and international stages, accompanied by two professional musicians, En route vers Broadway is also pleased to support young local artists who will join the stage for a few songs.

The main theme of musicals emerged early on in the creative process: the quintessential Broadway musical is the perfect medium in order to attract a large and diverse audience, with its mix of dance, acting and performance. We have chosen our cause just as easily this year: the humanitarian mission of the Caravane Philanthrope, which helps children in refugee camps and less developed countries, struck a chord with our artists.

Keeping in mind my goal for creation, exploration and improvement, I have the immense pleasure of partnering with the Scuola Internazionale di Teatro Italiano Giovanni Grasso and Kin. Experience in order to offer you a revamped and improved version of the Drag'Opera Cabaret.

After a first edition in Quebec City in 2020, we are pushing the Drag'Opera experience even further this year by combining the show with a week of creation and improvement. Participants, chosen through the process of auditions in order to determine if they have the technical and acting skills necessary to get the most out of the project, will spend a week with carefully selected specialists to explore their instrument and perform. A round table will also take place at the Societé d'art vocal de Montréal to bring together other artists from the classical singing scene. Our creative week, which will take place in early August 2021, will end with the Drag'Opera Cabaret.


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Back Alley rose from its ashes in a trio edition to offer you a unique and naughty Valentine's Day! Our two singers and our pianist will warm your hearts (and your ardor!) with their jazz repertoire, all in a cozy and intimate ambiance. You'll be pleased to recognize jazz standards taking you back to the speakeasy era, but also great discoveries that will make your evening unforgettable!


Let's celebrate Ireland together by exploring the sometimes melancholic and sometimes festive repertoire of Celtic music! Two voices in harmony and one guitarist: is there a better way to brighten up your evening and put aside your daily worries? Please enjoy our bewitching music that travelled through generations in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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